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Raya Installment Programs

provides all its valued customers with diverse installment Programs that enable the easiest and fastest way to buy now and pay later! Choose your customized program!

Raya Smart Installment

Raya's new smart installment program offers special credit facilities for customers of various categories. Installment requests are responded to with approval or rejection within a maximum of 30 minutes. Customers of any of these categories can enjoy Raya’s new Smart Installment program:

  • Public or private sector employees who have health insurance issued by their current employers (The credit limit shall be EGP 10,000).
  • Residents of Madinaty or Al-Rehab cities (The credit limit shall be EGP 20,000).
  • Customer who provide their I-Score for the last 6 months at least. (The credit limit shall be between 10,000 to 20,000 EGP). *The credit limit stated above may vary depending on the customer's I-Score.

Direct Installment

Raya Direct Installment program allows payment in installment for orders with a value of up to 20,000 EGP. Direst Installment requests are responded to within 1 to 2 days after submission of the application, if all required documents are provided. Customers of the following categories can benefit from Raya Direct Instalment Program online, through our call center service (19900), or at any of our stores:
  • Public or private sector employees
  • Pensioners
  • Self-employed


  • In the case of housing in a rental property (under the new rent law), having a first-degree relative guarantor is a must - Receipt of payment of utilities from the guarantor - guarantor's certificate of insurance of the guarantor, a driver's license, or a health insurance card.
  • If an enquiry field visit is required, the customer pays the fee (80 EGP).
  • If the customer has over one job and has proof of the income earned for each, they may enjoy installment services within the abovementioned credit limit on the condition that the monthly installment amount and other credit dues should not be over 35% of the customer’s net income.
  • Investment certificates that generate a fixed return can be considered as income, along with other required documents.

Raya Installment Program for Doctors

The installment program directed to the category of doctors (veterinarians and dentists are not yet included) and university professors. Installment requests are responded to within 30 minutes after submitting the following documents:
  • The original national ID card proving the profession.
  • Union membership card or university ID card (Valid).
  • Car license or an insurance card.
  • Address of doctor’s clinic.

Creditworthiness evaluation will be carried on by Raya.

  • If I-Score document is provided, the credit limit shall be up to EGP 20,000.
  • If I-Score document is not provided, the credit limit shall be up to EGP 10,000.